Plant Masterplan Study, Cosmetics factory, Monaco

Orlye carried out a site Masterplan that will deliver Future Business Need, Reduce Costs and Improve Cash.
Study was performed in two phases: Phase 1 is the Ideal State Assessment and Phase 2 is the Masterplan Proposal(s).

Phase 1

Ideal State Assessment was performed for all Plant key areas: equipment , spare parts & consumables, energy, materials & formulation , work process, supply chain design & structure, information systems, transport / warehouse operations, space usage inventory.
This helped to define the boundaries and scope items to further investigate for Phase 2.

Phase 2

Masterplan Proposal, covered the study of scope items identified in Phase 1 and recommended a list of projects that will include the Execution Strategy (with Phasing approach), Feasibility Cost & Savings estimates and Feasibility Schedule.