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Logistic Engineering and Supply Chain Consulting

Our Senior Logistic Engineers have more than 15 years experience in large Warehousing projects in Western Europe, Asia and Africa for major global companies. And together with our Supply Chain experts we can handle End-to-End supply chain initiatives.

  • Flow Analysis, Simulations, Warehouse Master-planning and Design
  • Rack design and installation support including Shuttle Racks, Gravity Racks etc.
  • AS/RS Systems
  • Warehouse automation: AGVs, Conveyors, Monorails,
  • Automatic Truck Loading
  • WMS design and implementation
  • Supply Network Lean Management strategies

Project Management & Construction Management

Our Team is experienced and qualified with best in class Project Management methodology and Construction Management practices.

We are also used to working in a multicultural environment following stretch targets with ownership and leadership, and this makes us easy to work with.

We treat Safety and Quality as fundamentals and focus on Capital and CPS.

  • Funding support
  • Organization and R&R Set Up
  • Scope, Cost & Schedule Management
  • Constructability Studies
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Safety
  • Quality Management

Expert Consulting

Our international team of senior consultants have led major initiatives in different industries, technologies and locations around the globe developing high-end expertise in key areas.

  • Plant Masterplan Studies
  • CapEx work process
  • Start-up Management for Instantaneous OEE

Turnkey Projects

We are an integrator for best in class packing lines and making systems in the fields of the Cosmetic and Food & Beverage industries. Together with our solid partners we deliver sate-of the art process systems from concept and design to vertical start-up.

  • Packing and bottling lines
  • Customization Lines
  • Making Systems

Technical Engineering

Our Team is experienced with several technologies and production processes in goods manufacturing industry.

We are committed to define and execute the required technical scope in order to deliver the business need with excellence.

Our technical engineers have broad knowledge across disciplines such Mechanical Engineering, PC&IS, Technology Development, Suppliers Management, Process Commissioning, Qualification and Validation.

  • Studies, Options Analysis & Conceputal Design
  • Technology Development with Suppliers Management
  • Technical Scope Definition & Execution
  • Suppliers management
  • Execution Strategies
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Start-Up Support

PC&IS / Automation

Our PC&IS engineers are experienced with several technologies and production processes in goods manufacturing industry, enabling them to understand and define the scope of the automation project.

Based on the scope defined, the programming work and the testing activities in IQ/OQ/PQ are executed with excellence.

  • Data collection, ¬†analysis & process improvements
  • Process control strategies
  • New projects implementation